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NOTILO PLUS, founded in 2016, develops and markets end-to-end service solutions for the inspection of underwater infrastructures: boat hulls, dams, offshore wind networks, etc… The NOTILO PLUS solution includes an autonomous underwater drone, an IA-based platform for processing collected images, and an integrated service offer. The solution is intended for the industry and Defense sectors.

“The business unit renamed DELAIR MARINE, is at the forefront of the latest technological developments and completes our offer of products in the 2 markets in which we are already positioned, Industrial Inspection and Defense » said Bastien MANCINI, DELAIR Ceo.

“The underwater drone developed by NOTILO PLUS is reliable, efficient and able to carry any type of sensor. It appeared to us as the aquatic alter ego of our aerial drones. The NOTILO CLOUD software platform, which becomes DELAR CLOUD, makes it possible to offer a service integrating the latest artificial intelligence technologies applied to the underwater world in a sovereign cloud environment. ”

The NOTILO PLUS acquisition, part of DELAIR’s external growth strategy, consists in strengthening its offer in its two major markets, Industry and Defense, by extending its range of solutions. It is based on the technological and commercial synergies between the two companies and will make it possible to perpetuate and develop the activity of NOTILO PLUS which will retain its current locations (head office in Marseille). The drones design and production, both aerial and underwater, will be entirely carried out in France.

A global inspection solution « made in France » with a very high added value DELAIR and NOTILO PLUS have already successfully collaborated in 2022 as part of missions commissioned by NAVAL Group on behalf of the SSF (Fleet Support Service) to carry out the inspection of the Charles de Gaulle Aircraft Carrier.

With this acquisition, DELAIR now develops a complete solution for the maritime environment with both aerial and underwater drones, sovereign data processing software, and an associated service offer. “DELAIR is positioned as a major player in France in the inspection of naval, civil and military infrastructures and buildings : ships, offshore wind infrastructures, port infrastructures, etc… with an entirely sovereign solution, designed and manufactured in France, and very high added value” said Bastien MANCINI.

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