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Dedrone Introduces Radio Frequency Sensor, RF-160 for sUAS Detection and Threat Mitigation

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Dedrone, a leading global provider of counter-sUAS capabilities, announced the release of their radio frequency sensor, the Dedrone RF-160. The RF-160 is an upgraded version of the company’s RF sensor, the RF-100, and includes new and advanced features such as increased detection range, streamlined installation process, and integrated LTE. The RF-160 quantifies how many drones are in the user’s airspace and provides early detection of drones. Dedrone also manufactures the RF-300, which provides localization and tracking of sUAS. The RF-160 is available for order and will begin delivery in March 2020.

New features of the RF-160 include: 

  • Integrates LTE for fast installation and access to comprehensive data for drone risk analysis: The RF-160 can be installed within a few minutes and without any specialized IT knowledge. Only needing power supply and a mounting pole, it automatically connects to the Dedrone Cloud via LTE and immediately detects drones. An on-premise server is not required.
  • Provides detection range of up to 5 km: A single RF-160 has an average detection range of 1.6 km and up to 5 km for certain drones. This range extends when one or more RF-160s are working together, and more information on drone activity can be generated when layering with other detection technologies, including the RF-300, radar, and PTZ cameras.
  • Incorporates an advanced design for urban environments: Urban areas have more radio frequency activity from radio communication, cell phones, GPS, and other technologies. The RF-160 meets the needs of organizations in such environments a with higher potential of RF interference.

“The RF-160 can be quickly installed and provides a baseline of information on all airspace activity, regardless of the type of manufacturer, or even if it is a home-made drone,” shares Joerg Lamprecht, CEO and co-founder of Dedrone. “Lower airspace security starts with detection, and the RF-160 is the most advanced product to provide our customers with the analytics they need to act upon sUAS threats to their airspace.” 

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