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Dedrone Appoints Alex Morrow to Lead Development of sUAS Defeat Programs

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Dedrone, a market leader in counter-drone technology and airspace security, has hired Alex Morrow as Vice President of Defense Solutions. Morrow joins Dedrone from Battelle Memorial Institute, where he was the lead developer of counter-drone defeat technology DroneDefender®, which Dedrone acquired in October 2019.

Prior to joining Dedrone, Morrow was the Director of cUAS Programs at Battelle Memorial Institute. In 2014, Morrow began working on DroneDefender, a non-kinetic, radio frequency sUAS countermeasure, which safeguards airspace without risking collateral damage. In October 2019, Dedrone acquired DroneDefender from Battelle and established Dedrone’s new counter-sUAS consultancy called Dedrone Defense.  

“Dedrone’s platform, which now includes DroneDefender, provides the essential tool for all government installations to protect against sUAS threats,” shares Alex Morrow. “I look forward to further developing DroneDefender as a part of the Dedrone team and providing defense organizations a complete detect and defeat sUAS mitigation platform.”

As Vice President of Defense Solutions, Morrow will continue to advance DroneDefender for Dedrone customers, including U.S. federal agencies, and other organizations with authorization to defeat sUAS. Dedrone’s technology portfolio includes DroneTracker, which recognizes and classifies RF, WiFi, and non-WiFi sUAS, and radio frequency sensors, the Dedrone RF-100 and RF-300. Morrow will be based in Columbus, Ohio, establishing Dedrone’s third U.S. location, which will focus on the development, manufacturing, and distribution of DroneDefender.

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