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David Kovar brings industry expertise, leadership to CompTIA Drone Advisory Council

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URSA, Inc. today announced that David Kovar, CEO, has joined the Drone Advisory Council of CompTIA, the leading trade association for the global technology industry. As a member of the council, Kovar will contribute to CompTIA’s initiatives that help businesses navigate the new drone landscape and provide guidance for both providers and users of drones in the changing regulatory environment.

Kovar is the founder and CEO of URSA Inc., which is the single source of truth for unmanned system risk management. URSA answers critical operational, incident, and governance risks by visualizing system telemetry data.

He founded the practice of UAV forensics in 2015 and is one of the leading practitioners in the country. Kovar worked in digital forensics and cyber security since the mid 90’s and, prior to founding URSA he led EY’s U.S. incident response program.

The CompTIA Drone Advisory Council is comprised of experts in the industry including providers, service companies, lawyers, policy experts, end users and distributors. The council provides guidance and insight in matters relating to the drone market by sharing industry expertise and experience to help bring awareness of regulatory guidelines, business application advice and informative resources.

Kovar will support the council’s main objectives this year, which include:

  • Promoting new drone standards and best practices for the commercial market.
  • Developing a strong relationship with the FAA to ensure all board advice and information is held to a high standard.
  • Articulating future use cases and potential for drone use.

Kovar earned a BA from Dartmouth in Computer Science and an MA from the Fletcher School at Tufts in International Affairs. He is a private pilot for fixed wing and rotor as well as hold a Part 107 certificate for UAV operations, and is the Advocacy Director for the National Association of Search and Rescue.

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