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D-Fend Solutions Achieves Significant Growth as it Triples Installed Base of its Takeover-Based, Counter-Drone Solution in 2020

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D-Fend Solutions, the leader in radio frequency (RF), non-kinetic, non-jamming, counter-drone takeover technology, announced significant growth in 2020, including tripling the size of its installed base. In response to increased awareness of rogue drone risks globally, D-Fend Solutions has distributed its flagship product, EnforceAir, to numerous new clients while expanding its presence at existing customer sites. EnforceAir was deployed by military, national and homeland security, law enforcement, airport, border patrol and VIP executive protection security agencies over the past year.

D-Fend continued to grow its team globally and enlarged its North American operations, including the establishment of a direct presence in Canada. The company rounded out its executive team by adding five new executives in the past year: Jeffrey Starr, Chief Marketing Officer; Roni Miran, Vice President of Operations; Dafna Bacharach, Vice President of Legal; Yuval Reina, Vice President of Research & Development; and Terry DiVittorio, General Manager, North America. The company’s management team is now comprised of 13 executives with experience in public safety and security, law enforcement, homeland security, airports, aerospace and defense. Additionally, D-Fend commenced sales in Europe, introducing its valuable technology to new strategic markets.

With the continued threat to airspace, D-Fend also made a major push into airports and aviation in 2020, including onboarding its system at major international airports. These airports have adopted D-Fend Solutions’ innovative rogue drone takeover technology to create safer airspace management with advanced detection and mitigation capabilities that do not disrupt airport operations or communications. As D-Fend intensifies its focus on aviation safety, it has added Michael Huerta, the former head of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to its advisory board.

EnforceAir, D-Fend Solutions’ counter-unmanned aerial system (c-UAS) product, features premier drone radio frequency (RF) takeover technology. EnforceAir is an autonomous system that automatically and passively detects, locates and identifies rogue drones, takes control of them and lands them safely by employing unique takeover technology. EnforceAir does not rely upon traditional jamming or kinetic technology for mitigation, avoiding collateral damage, interference, disruption and disturbance.

“As drones become cheaper, more advanced and even more accessible, we expect to see the UAS threat continue to rise, and our growing team of experts and advanced technology are ready to take on these new challenges,” said Zohar Halachmi, Chairman and CEO of D-Fend Solutions. “I’m proud of the safety, security and operational continuity we have provided clients. D-Fend has ambitious plans for expanding into new agencies, sectors and territories in 2021.”

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