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Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Eagle Shield

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Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Eagle Shield

Today, the defence and security Forces are facing the growing threat of micro and mini-UAVs with the requirement to discriminate between authorised and unauthorised overflights. The operational efficiency of these UAVs, combined with a broad and affordable offer, leads to a greater sophistication and complexity of this asymmetric threat.

In the field of C-UAS, Thales is a leader in the military and civil domains with modular offerings designed to protect people, property and activities against dangerous and malicious drones. Thales unique positioning combines both its airspace protection and management system expertise. 

 Thales EagleShield Suite

The Thales C-UAS EagleShield suite is an integrated nano, micro, mini and small drone countermeasures solution to protect and secure civil and military sites – such as stadiums, airports, critical infrastructures (eg. oil & gas), large cities, high visibility events (e.g: Bastille Day, G7, Olympic Games, World Cup) and military airbases.

It provides a modular and graduated, context-sensitive response to the threat of unmanned systems flying in the airspace.

It provides the adequate and graduated answer to dangerous and malicious drone threats.  It is an open and integrated system providing an enhanced and unified drone situational awareness based on a multi-sensor and effector ecosystem allowing the detection, identification, classification and neutralisation of unfriendly drones. It is compliant with severe operational and regulatory constraints both in military/civilian environments, as well as with national and international laws and regulations. 

The EagleShield suite is built around a digital C-UAS Command & Control post. This solution is scalable in terms of sensors, effectors and connection to other systems, performing sensor fusion, radio frequency direction finders and night and day cameras. It offers different types of responses, including soft kill and/or hard kill adapted to the criticality of the analysed threat and to the national and international laws and regulations.

It can interoperate with a Thales or other C2 systems (e.g. Air Operation, Air Defense, ATM and UTM systems) at similar, lower or higher security classification level. As scalable and cyber secured open architecture solution, EagleShield Suite can integrate different types of sensors and effectors. 

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