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Code19 Racing to compete for $2.25M prize in extreme autonomous race

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Code19 Racing to compete for $2.25M prize in extreme autonomous race

Code 19 Racing, the world’s first professional autonomous racing team, is thrilled to announce its participation in the inaugural season of the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League (A2RL). This groundbreaking new league is a significant milestone for the rapidly evolving sport of autonomous racing, showcasing the growing global interest in this innovative form of motorsport.

The Indianapolis-based team, founded by military veterans, is honored to represent the United States in this global competition. “We’re here to win,” said Lawrence Walter, Team Principal of Code19 Racing. “A2RL is an R&D playground for AI Technologies, offering unique and attractive opportunities for corporate partners. Our team is ready to compete against the top global minds in autonomy while carrying the torch of American innovation.”

The team is attracting top global talent to build Maveric AI, their second autonomous racing driver. Maveric joins Luddy AI, a partnership between Indiana University’s Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering,  Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Crane, and Code19 Racing (Luddy AI Partnership)). Luddy Al made its impressive debut last week during an Indy Autonomous Challenge sim race, demonstrating its potential for future on-track performances.

With significant long-term backing, A2RL is the largest autonomous racing league in the world, with ten teams driving the Dallara Super Formula 23 race car capable of speeds over 180mph. In the first season, ten teams will compete for a prize pool of over $2.25 million, making it one of the wealthiest racing competitions in the world. A2RL integrates artificial intelligence (AI), autonomy, and extreme sports to push the boundaries of future mobility.

“We are delighted to welcome Code19 Racing to the Abu Dhabi Autonomous Racing League,” said Dr. Thomas McCarthy, A2RL Executive Director. “Code19 Racing is a disrupter with a clear vision for the future. We are confident they will be a strong competitor in A2RL, and we look forward to seeing what they can achieve.”

With a focus on building a global fan base, Code19 Racing’s engagement platform looks to educate and inspire the next generation of AI and autonomy experts. Maveric AI’s persona, a generative AI avatar, will serve as the brand ambassador, creating interactive content and experiences for fans while telling the story of Code19 Racing.

“We are building an AI-first sports franchise that can connect with students and inspire a diverse STEM workforce,” said Walter. “We want to use our platform to impact the world positively and truly believe that diversity of thought is essential to success in the future of racing and the world.”

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