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Citadel Defense Delivers on Urgent Contract for Counter Drone Systems

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Citadel Defense, the manufacturer of innovative, high-performance counter drone solutions for military, government and commercial markets, announced today that its AI-powered system, Titan, has been again selected by a top tier military service customer for mission-critical ground and airspace perimeter security deployments overseas. The number of Titan systems delivered and details about the contract were not disclosed by the company.

Citadel’s breakthrough Titan C-UAS system was chosen for its industry-leading combination of usability, performance and price. The innovative sensor accurately detects, identifies and defeats ground, sea and airspace drone threats using patent-protected technology combined with powerful control software. The software-defined system has smaller size, weight, and power requirements and a proven track record of success in combat environments. In high stress environments, Titan’s easy to use interface and completely autonomous configuration act as Force Multipliers for any unit.

The contract win emphasizes the significant advantages of the autonomous Titan system for situational awareness and force protection of high value assets and resources. Citadel’s latest contract is yet another example of Titan radiofrequency systems being utilized as a preferred protection technology against evolving air, ground and sea drone concerns.

“Having the world’s elite warfighters turn to your technology for drone protection when crisis hits is a tremendous honor for the company. Titan’s proven effectiveness in combat by other warfighters like themselves provides important validation of Titan’s protection in unpredictable scenarios,” said Christopher R Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense. “This contract showcases the reliability and trust in Titan’s capabilities at a time where the global threat environment has escalated.”

Citadel’s technology gives military forces improved freedom of maneuver within the electromagnetic spectrum by detecting and defeating threats without significant collateral impact to communications or other supporting technologies. Citadel Defense continues to enable stronger human/machine teaming capabilities that enhance mission success through the use of AI.

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