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Bringing the next level of antitank dominance to the battlefield

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Bringing the next level of antitank dominance to the battlefield

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) unveils the Rotem Alpha – An antitank, Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL), tactical loitering munition which breaks the conventional warfare mindset and represents a revolution in both the technical and operational capabilities of loitering munitions. Equipped with a field-proven antitank warhead, a top-grade sensor suite, and long mission endurance, the Rotem Alpha brings unmatched advantages to tactical units requiring antitank force. 

The Rotem Alpha, presented for the very first time at the DSEI London has a long endurance both while in the air and when parked in perch mode. It can fly and hover at a low-altitude profile to build situational awareness and execute an attack, despite adverse weather conditions. Rotem Alpha’s sensor suite autonomously detects and locates hostile enemy fires, like artillery, rockets, and missile launchers, and then investigates and engages a direct attack using its electro-optical day and night seeker. Rotem Alpha is man portable. Alternatively, it can be dismounted from a vehicle. Carried in a backpack or deployed from a vehicle, this loitering munition is ready for takeoff in less than two minutes. As a VTOL platform, it can be launched and landed between trees, structures, and other types of harsh terrain. 

IAI’s President and CEO, Boaz Levy: “Rotem Alpha is an innovative portable anti-tank loitering munition, leveraging IAI’s heritage of combat proven Loitering Munitions. Rotem Alpha adresses the up-to-date requirements of the modern battlefield. Its unique capabilities provide a key military advantage to the fighting unit.” 

IAI is a global pioneer in loitering munitions, being the first to invent this weapons class nearly forty years ago. More recently loitering munitions have proven to be game-changing on the battlefield.

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