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BLUETTI AC200: The Ultimate 2000W Portable Solar Power Station Goes on Crowdfunding via Indiegogo

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BLUETTI, the solar power station new star, launched their first crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo with the latest AC200: a rated 2000-Watt, 1700Wh portable power station. With the highest output power among all BLUETTI power stations, AC200 can power almost all your home appliances, RV, off-the-grid cabin, CPAP, and even an electric vehicle like Tesla Model S.

The BLUETTI AC200 can power up to 17 devices simultaneously, here are the outlets:

  • 6* AC outlets
  • 2* wireless charging pads (15W each)
  • 1* 60W USB-C PD
  • 4* USB-A ports
  • 2* 12V/3A DC ports
  • 1* 12V/10A DC car cigarette lighter port
  • 1* 12V/ 25A RV port

Devices like laptops, lights, CPAP, drones, TVs and protectors can be powered by the AC200 for numerous hours. But with rated 2000 watt output, it’s way more capable than that. According to manufacturer tests, it can run heavy load appliances such as coffee machines, electric kettles, fridges, hair dryers and power tools without breaking a sweat.

To control this monster, the touchscreen LCD interface makes power management a breeze. Monitoring voltages, current, power, charging status, temperature, etc. all in one.

Built with the premium EV-grade battery cell by LG Chem, Bluetti AC200 features over 2500+ charge cycle. Along with the advanced BMS (battery management system) controller, this mobile power plant provides clean, safe, and high-quality power even better than the wall outlets in your home. Smart energy saving mode like the efficient ECO mode makes the AC200 drain 50 percent less electricity than competitors in the market.

With the built-in temperature controlled fan, the AC200 will remain silent until the system temperature reaches 45°C. This can keep the AC200 running cool, quiet and deliver the rated 2000W output under any circumstances.

Talking about charging, the BLUETTI AC200 can be charged in 5 ways. Using a traditional AC wall outlet (takes about 4.5hrs), using solar panels (MPPT charging supporting panels up to 700W and takes about only 3.5hrs with full sun), using your car 24V DC output to charge this power station (takes about 8.5 hours), or you can juice up your AC200 with the traditional power source like gas generator or lead acid battery. This is particularly helpful when you go off the road in your car, RV or others.

Aditionally, it can be recharged with the AC outlet 500W and PV 700W at the same time if in a hurry, the whole 1700wh capacity will be fully recharged in around 2.5hrs.

BLUETTI AC200 is made available on July 1 at Indiegogo.com: https://igg.me/at/ac200.

Crowdfunding pledge starts at big discounted price for super early birds (limited deals). The price will go up to at least $1800 when the campaign ends.

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