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Black Sage Solution Neutralizes Drone Threat in Middle East

by Editor

An illegal drone was detected and neutralized at a major public event in the Middle East by a Black Sage mobile counter unmanned aircraft solution (CUAS) featuring Black Sage’s DefenseOS® command and control software.

Due to the rapid response by the local civil defense authority, no one attending the event was injured. The event continued without disruption. The safety and security of all those attending the event was assured by the civil defense authority and the Black Sage CUAS solution.  

“Black Sage is proud to work with our partners across the Middle East to protect their citizens and visitors at major public events,” stated Trent Morrow, Black Sage’s Chief Strategy Officer. “Our Counter UAS solutions are deployed with civil defense authorities, militaries and airports worldwide defending people and critical infrastructure.” 

Drones pose an increasing threat at major public events worldwide. The number of illegal drones entering the airspace above and near public events is accelerating. 

Black Sage is a Systems Integration Partner (SIP). We made the strategic decision to not manufacture CUAS sensors and effectors. This means we are not tied to specific technologies, which allows our company to offer each customer a unique solution featuring industry leading components tailored to their requirements.

Black Sage’s DefenseOS® open architecture command and control software orchestrates a layered defense network comprising radars, EO/IR cameras, Passive RF sensors and effectors. DefenseOS® features an operator friendly interface and solution automation to reduce operator burden.

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