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Asteria Aerospace receives DGCA type certification for its A200-XT drone

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Asteria Aerospace receives DGCA type certification for its A200-XT drone, becoming the first company to obtain certification for two of its drones

Asteria Aerospace, a full stack drone technology company, has received type certification for its indigenously designed and manufactured A200-XT drone from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). With this achievement, Asteria has become the first company to have two DGCA certified drones that it can offer to its customers for a variety of applications including law enforcement, industrial security, infrastructure inspections, and agriculture and land surveys.

The A200-XT drone is a versatile drone with payloads that can be quickly swapped between a high-resolution high-zoom day camera, and a night-time thermal camera. With a compact and portable form factor and a flight time of up to 40 minutes, it can be used for defence and homeland security ISR operations as well as industrial security and inspection applications.

The A200-XT drone comes with advanced features including 360-degree obstacle avoidance for flying in complex environments, dual GPS sensors for redundancy, tool-less setup, and automated operations from take-off to landing.

Speaking on this achievement, Neel Mehta, Co-founder and Director of Asteria Aerospace Limited, said, “This milestone is testimony to our commitment for developing fully compliant, reliable and indigenous drones for the Indian market. The certification is a seal of trust in our A200-XT drone product from the DGCA for fulfilling all the design, manufacturing, quality control, and operational requirements under the Drones Rules 2021. We will continue to develop innovative drone products which can help our customers in efficient, safe, and compliant business operations.”

About Asteria Aerospace Limited

Asteria Aerospace Ltd is a full-stack drone technology company providing actionable intelligence from aerial data. Asteria develops deeply customized drone solutions for government and enterprise customers using its in-house hardware design, software development, and manufacturing capabilities. Asteria has been a trusted partner to provide long-term, quality-focused, and reliable products & services to the defence & homeland security, agriculture, oil & gas, energy & utilities, telecommunications, mining, and construction sectors. Asteria Aerospace Ltd is a subsidiary of Jio Platforms Ltd, which is a majority-owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd. For more information visit: www.asteria.co.in

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