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Aramex completes testing of drone delivery in Oman.

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Aramex completes testing of drone delivery in Oman.

Logistics provider Aramex has accomplished the pilot phase of its drone delivery project in Muscat, Oman. The company is eager to expand its drone delivery testing across the Middle East regions. The drone testing is part of Aramex’s “Future Delivery Program.” With testing, Aramex aims to leverage the next generation of last-minute delivery solutions that improve customer satisfaction and generate cost savings.

The test flights were directed in partnership with USA-based UVL Robotics, a leading technology brand that offers cutting-edge drone-based solutions with AI features. Aircraft usage aligns with Aramex’s commitment to the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative) as it yields various environmental benefits, reducing traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

Through successful drone delivery testing with UVL Robotics, the company proved that these automated delivery modes would enhance speed, reliability, and accessibility. Aramex successfully delivered packages, especially to remote areas with hard-to-reach territories. Furthermore, the program supports sustainability ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reach carbon neutrality in the upcoming year.

Global Director Angad Singh said, “The success of the pilot drone delivery is an exceptional milestone of our Future Delivery Program,” which is a key feature in our sustainable and innovative roadmap. The autonomous aircraft potentially cut transit times by half in difficult routes, resulting in customer satisfaction. He added we could accelerate the delivery of packages across different regions, including healthcare, eCommerce, and pharmaceuticals. Moreover, drones deliver parcels safely and efficiently across different terrains and weather conditions in Muscat.

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