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An In-depth Interview with Vector Technics Founders

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Propelling the Future of UAVs: An In-depth Interview with Vector Technics Founders

Propelling the Future of UAVs

Tell us about the inception of Vector Technics. What inspired you to start a company focused on UAV propulsion systems?

Vector Technics emerged from our passion for engineering, drones, and our commitment to India. Noticing the UAV industry’s reliance on imported components, we aimed to make India self-reliant in UAV technology. Our diverse expertise equipped us to pursue this goal.

We founded Vector Technics to develop world-class, made-in-India propulsion systems for UAVs, supporting the domestic industry and strengthening our armed forces’ capabilities. We believe our dedication, innovation, and hard work will solidify India’s position as a global leader in the UAV sector.

Vector Technics offers both electric and gasoline propulsion systems. Can you walk us through your product range and the applications they cater to?

Certainly! Our journey into UAV propulsion began in 2019 with internal combustion engines for fixed-wing aircraft. However, we quickly recognized the industry’s shift towards multirotor and electric propulsion systems and decided to innovate accordingly.

We enthusiastically explored brushless DC (BLDC) motors, developing our prototype within just three months, achieving an impressive 12 kg of thrust per axis. This milestone bolstered our commitment to electric propulsion. We meticulously refined our BLDC motors and expanded R&D to include electronic speed controllers (ESCs), Propellers, Power Distribution Boards and DC-DC Converters all while handling the complexities of concurrent development.

Now, we design, develop, and manufacture everything in-house. Our electric propulsion range caters to drones with payload capabilities from 2 kg to 50 kg. Currently, we’re excitedly prototyping next-gen propulsion systems for heavier payloads in cargo.

Our journey has been fuelled by perseverance, innovation, and growth. We’re determined to keep pushing boundaries in the UAV propulsion industry, making a significant impact on our clients and the entire sector.

How do your products stand out from competitors in terms of technology and performance?

Innovation is at our core, driving us to create standout products in terms of technology, performance, and manufacturing processes. Our BLDC motors, ESCs, and propellers boast cutting-edge features, and exceptional quality, and are developed using in-house machinery and techniques.

Our BLDC motors use high-quality materials like aerospace-grade aluminium, high efficiency electro steel, N42SH magnets, superior copper with litz winding and rubber sealed bearings, ensuring top performance and durability. We’ve developed specialized machines to enhance precision and streamline production. Our motors also have excellent ventilation and are repairable, extending their service life and offering cost savings.

Our ESCs with our custom firmware generating trapezoidal waveforms and designed ground up for increased efficiency and we are working on next-gen smart ESCs with CAN protocol. To manufacture our ESCs in India, we’ve innovated production processes, focusing on quality assurance and component sourcing from OEMs, with a strong emphasis on securing the supply chain.

We’ve developed innovative carbon fibre-reinforced nylon material for our propellers, offering performance, affordability, and durability. They’re foldable for convenient transportation and storage, and we’ve invested in research to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

Our motors and ESCs are designed for rugged environments with MIL-810 certification in mind, ensuring they withstand demanding applications and extreme conditions. We’ve dedicated substantial resources to R&D, fine-tuning designs, and optimizing manufacturing processes.

Innovation permeates every aspect of our company, from design and material selection to manufacturing processes. By focusing on continuous improvement, we offer UAV propulsion systems that deliver unparalleled performance, reliability, and value to our clients.

How does Vector Technics contribute to the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative as a “Made in India” company?

At Vector Technics, we actively support the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative by embracing the broader ecosystem to develop local vendors, source materials domestically, and nurture homegrown talent, fostering a self-sufficient UAV industry in India. We work closely with suppliers to enhance their capabilities and ensure global quality standards, resulting in reliable products that showcase India’s UAV potential.

Continuously investing in R&D, we drive innovation and technological advancements in the aerospace sector. Our collaboration with research institutions and stakeholders helps propel the industry’s progress.

In addition to our focus on product development, we prioritize nurturing local talent and creating opportunities for young engineers, scientists, and professionals in the aerospace industry. Through mentorship, training, and hands-on experience, we help our team members contribute to India’s self-reliance journey.

Scalability is essential for any startup to make a global impact. How does Vector Technics plan to scale up its operations and expand its market reach?

Our strategy involves broadening our product offerings and forging strategic alliances with local and global companies. We’ve refined our processes, developed custom machinery, and incorporated advanced technology to operate efficiently at a larger scale.

We invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure and adopt Industry 4.0 principles to ensure continuous innovation. By collaborating with research institutions and industry leaders, we stay at the forefront of UAV technology.

We build our brand by showcasing our products and commitment to Made in India ethos, focusing on market penetration strategies, competitive pricing, and exceptional customer support. Optimizing our global supply chain and streamlining logistics processes further strengthen our position in the worldwide UAV propulsion systems market.

What are your plans for the future? Are there any new products or technologies in the pipeline that we can expect from Vector Technics?

As an innovative company, we’re constantly exploring new ways to revolutionize the UAV industry. Our R&D focuses on developing more integrated systems, like combining ESCs and power distribution boards, which will enable faster and easier manufacturing of drones while simplifying troubleshooting for end users.

We’re also keenly aware of the growing adoption of agricultural drones in India and the value they bring to our farmers. We’re working diligently to create propulsion components specifically designed to meet the unique needs of this sector, ensuring that our products deliver maximum value to the end customer.

In essence, our goal is to create futuristic, integrated systems that are easy to integrate and troubleshoot. We believe that by consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation and focusing on the evolving needs of the UAV industry, we’ll continue to lead the way as a trailblazing company in this exciting field.

The UAV industry is rapidly evolving, with new players entering the market regularly. What are some of the challenges you face in the current market landscape, and how do you plan to overcome them?

We have a unique position in the market, as we are the only Indian organization that designs, develops, and manufactures a complete propulsion system for UAVs in-house. This gives us a significant advantage in terms of quality control, as well as the ability to offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers.

We’re also proud to say that our products are highly efficient, with an average efficiency rate of 20% higher than imported systems. Our products undergo rigorous testing and certification to ensure that they meet international quality standards and perform reliably in the field.

While we face challenges in the market, such as the heavy reliance on imported components and limited facilities, we remain focused on driving innovation and delivering value to our customers. We believe that collaboration and partnerships with other players in the industry will be critical to achieving this goal, and we’re always open to exploring new opportunities to work together towards a common goal of advancing the UAV industry.

Overall, our commitment to quality, innovation, and collaboration sets us apart from the competition and positions us as a leading player in the Indian UAV industry.

Import dependency has been a significant concern for India’s UAV industry. How does Vector Technics plan to replace imported propulsion systems with its indigenous products?

At Vector Technics, we are committed to creating a sustainable and self-reliant UAV industry in India. As a homegrown company, we understand the challenges of import dependency, and we’re working tirelessly to develop high-quality indigenous propulsion systems that can compete with the best in the world.

We recognize that collaboration is key to unlocking the full potential of the industry, and we’re always looking for new ways to work with other companies, academic institutions, and government bodies. We believe that by sharing knowledge, resources, and expertise, we can develop even more innovative products that meet the evolving needs of the UAV industry.

Our commitment to R&D and innovation is at the heart of our strategy for replacing imported propulsion systems. We’re perfecting our electrical propulsion systems and exploring new technologies like fuel cells, hybrid powertrains, and more. By keeping an open mind and a sharp focus on innovation, we believe that we can continue to drive the industry forward and create even more value for our customers.

Overall, we’re excited about the future of the Indian UAV industry, and we’re proud to be playing a role in building a self-reliant and sustainable ecosystem. With our cutting-edge technology, commitment to innovation, and passion for excellence, we’re confident that we can make a significant impact and establish ourselves as a leader in the industry.

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