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alwaysAI and OpenNCC Alliance Accelerates Edge-AI Deployments of Computer Vision Applications

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alwaysAI, an end-to-end Computer Vision Platform, announced support for OpenNCC, the first open edge-AI vision appliance by Eyecloud.AI.  This partnership eliminates many of the challenges in computer vision application development and edge-AI production scaling.

OpenNCC is a production-grade camera with an integrated Intel® MyriadX vision processing unit (VPU). With alwaysAI on OpenNCC, companies and developers can take their computer vision projects to a production environment in a single step, making it easier to deploy computer vision applications to the edge.

Developers will now be able to select and deploy OpenNCC-specific models and application templates. They can then tailor their models using the alwaysAI Model Training Toolkit with the production-quality data generated from the OpenNCC appliance. This greatly speeds-up time to solution deployment and reduces the risk of project failure. In short, alwaysAI and Eyecloud.AI have assembled a complete hardware and software solution to get you into production now and at a great value.

The alwaysAI platform supports rapid prototyping with a robust model catalog and Model Training Toolkit, and application templates for all core computer vision primitives including person detection, object detection, human pose estimation and semantic segmentation. These capabilities can be leveraged to deliver real-time insights and analytics in industries such as:

  • Retail: Shopper movement and dwell time, checkout conversion, store density and mask detection
  • Manufacturing/Robotics: Floor inventory status, worker movement, part picking accuracy and object avoidance
  • Health & Safety: Behavioral monitoring, fall detection, hard hat and PPE compliance
  • Smart Cities: Public space security, bicycle or pedestrian detection and parking space availability detection

“It has simply been too complex to develop computer vision applications and deploy them into production on the edge”, said Marty Beard, Co-founder & CEO of alwaysAI. “Now, with the alwaysAI and OpenNCC partnership, developers can accelerate deployment of AI applications such as smart healthcare monitoring, retail video analytics or face mask detection.”

“OpenNCC is an open AI vision appliance that eliminates vision system hardware complexities and accelerates field testing. Now with the alwaysAI partnership, developers can prototype and deploy vision-based products faster and more effectively”, said Po Yuan, CEO of EyeCloud.

The PowerPack Bundle for small to mid-sized businesses is now on offer. The PowerPack includes discounts on OpenNCC camera(s), the alwaysAI development platform and Model Training Toolkit, as well as alwaysAI professional setup services and dedicated support.

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