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A-techSYN secures Another Operational Authorisation in Ireland

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A-techSYN secures Another Operational Authorisation in Ireland

In a significant milestone for the Irish drone industry, A-techSYN, Ireland’s premier developer and manufacturer of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), has successfully obtained its latest UAS Operational Authorisation. The Authorisation allows A-techSYN to perform SAIL-II Level operations over the Irish Waters, which is integral to ongoing projects such as the DTIF-GUARDU-AVES and Mistrall. This achievement marks another successful stepin the company’s journey, demonstrating its commitment to innovation, safety, and expanding its test, evaluation, and trialling capabilities.

For the last decade, A-techSYN has been pioneering the integration and implementation of specific category UAS. We believe that progress can only be made by applying ideas in live situations, obtaining feedback from the field and refining the solution. This means that you need to be able to fly repetitively. With this authorisation, we will be able to test the use cases we believe to be critical for implementing Drone technologies and gather the much desired data in a much faster way. said Gokhan CELIK, CEO of A-techSYN.

The authorisation process, meticulously overseen by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) UAS Division and the Airspace Regulation Department, is a testament to the rigorous standards A-techSYN adheres to. The IAA, Irelands’ semi-state body responsible for the regulation of safety in Irish civil aviation, has played a crucial role in this success. Their dedication to maintaining safe and efficient airspace management is reflected in their thorough and professional oversight.

We are immensely grateful to the IAA UAS Division and the Airspace/U-space Department for their unwavering support and professionalism over the past year. Our previous authorization in Wicklow was limiting us to perform flights in a TRA only environment. This new authorisation will allow us to perform much desired proof of concept flights below 500 feet as well as more complex and varied operations for applications up to 2500 feet within the TRA which exceeds 100 Sq. Nautical Miles. said Mark Early, Accountable Manager and Head of Aviation and Safety at A-techSYN.

A-techSYN develops and manufactures the CGT-50 VTOL UAV which is designed for diverse applications, including maritime surveys and security operations, providing unparalleled versatility and efficiency.

The CGT-50 VTOL UAV is central to several collaborative projects that demonstrate its potential and versatility. Notably, the GUARD project, aimed at revolutionising maritime surveillance and enhancing Irish defence operations, highlights the strategic importance of the system. This project integrates advanced automated drone technology into defence applications, underscoring the significant impact of UAS in improving national security and operational efficiency by enhancing the reach of the Irish Navy beyond the limitations naval vessels have.

Additionally, in partnership with BlueWise Marine and ATU Galway, the U-AVES project focuses on using unmanned aerial vehicles for maritime ecological surveys, enhancing data collection, and environmental monitoring.

These projects underscore the strategic importance of the CGT-50 VTOL UAV and its potential to transform various industries. The successful implementation of these projects showcases A-techSYN’s ability to leverage cutting-edge technology to meet diverse operational needs ranging from agriculture and infrastructure monitoring to environmental conservation and disaster management.

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